Complement your Lawson System with ECM

If you have a Lawson solution implemented in your organization, you are aware that the system is an integral part of your day-to-day success. By implementing an Enterprise Content Management system as well, you can complement your Lawson Business Process Management by automatically driving your content, like resumes, receipts, customer orders, work orders, invoices, etc., through your business processes.

An ECM solution can streamline your Lawson processes by creating a single, central repository for all your enterprise’s supporting documents and information. With the right ECM solution, a single click of your mouse can connect any and all related documents directly to Lawson so that end users can find needed documents within seconds. What does this mean? Your employees can focus on high-value tasks, not repetitive tasks, saving you money and them time.

How can an ECM solution remove the pains of manual, paper-based processes with your Lawson solution?

  • By reducing fixed costs, improving knowledge sharing, and simplifying compliance
  • By providing users and management visibility into process status, decision-making, and exception report management
  • By acting as an extension of Lawson, rather than as a separate application
  • By speeding and automating processes in areas across your organization, including supply chain management and QA

Your information is the bloodline of your business; your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the reason your business operations can run smoothly. You need an ECM system that can complete the puzzle to streamlining your core critical business processes.

About Kara Martin

As a content writer for Naviant, Kara’s goal is to help companies better understand how Naviant can assist them with their document management, intelligent capture, and workflow automation needs to reach their goals. Through authoring articles and blogs after researching and conversing with subject matter experts (SME), Kara transforms complex content into simple pieces that educate business users about how this technology can help them. Kara is also a UW-Madison graduate and spends her free time doing anything active or music-related, from hiking and weight lifting to collecting LPs and playing the violin.

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