The burden of paper associated with Patient Registration continues to grow.  If you’ve been to a doctor or hospital at least once in your lifetime, you know that most visits require the same necessary documents: Driver’s License, Insurance Card, HIPAA Acknowledgement, Consents, etc.  Registration staff must capture the correct documents, often multiple times, and failure to do so can have dramatic impacts – from insurance denials to patient safety.  Following the protocol can have its own dramatic impacts, as expenses pile up with large file storage rooms, staff to manage those rooms, and unorganized desks and large volumes of paper traffic moving between departments that cause issues with privacy policies and lost paperwork.

Enterprise content management (ECM) systems provide tremendous value to a healthcare organization in Registration solutions alone.  Common pains simply go away with a Healthcare ECM solution, including the redundant collection of patient documents, patient billing details not being easily available, documents collected being lost or misfiled, and information not being easily accessible for end-user access.

By this time, most ECM vendors should include Paperless Registration processes that encourage front office scanning and/or the use of kiosks for easy registration.  Because those documents are easily accessible from the moment they are scanned, it allows the newly input information to be used throughout the doctor visit.  Clinics who have implemented ECM successfully within Paperless Registration have eliminated redundant collection, provided important patient care information to multiple caregivers, and increased productivity and cash flow for Patient Financial Services.

Beyond front office scanning and kiosk usage, it is important to look for an ECM vendor that is well-known for integrations with electronic medical record systems, such as Epic, Cerner, and Meditech, and integrates with other line of business applications through an API.

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