Pounding in your chest, instant sweats, and the feeling of relief and embarrassment all at once. Those few seconds after the near miss of a car accident cause a broad range of emotions. There are times another vehicle seems to stay tucked away in your blind spot long enough to cause even the most defensive driver to have a near miss. Near misses remind us to remain cautious while on the road, slow down, and cover all the blind spots.

Provider Enrollment (Credentialing) for Healthcare payers is similar to driving. Even though you have a destination in mind, you cannot be neglectful on the path to that endpoint. Credentialing can be a slow and tedious process. There is no shortage of hazards lurking on the credentialing highway. Incorrect licensing, validation and revalidation dates, defining approved CPT billing codes, verification of malpractice insurance, past sanctions, and DEA background checks to name a few. Add a rushed deadline from Healthcare Payers and the chance for a hazard hiding in a blind spot goes up.

That dilemma makes credentialing a catch-22 for Payers. How does a Payer meet the standards for provider enrollment, yet be thorough and systematic enough to be confident there is nothing hiding? The answer used to be, hire more people to handle provider enrollment and trust they follow the Payer’s system for credentialing.

Stay with this driving analogy; how have auto manufacturers resolved the problem of blind spots? They implemented technology; backup cameras, blind spot warning systems, even accident avoidance technology.

Thankfully, healthcare payers have the same luxury. Using an Enterprise Information Platform to manage the workflow, deadlines, load balancing, and content management surrounding the credentialing process allows Healthcare Payers to take weeks off the process.

Can you imagine a 70% increase in productivity while reducing the chance of a missed step or an overlooked piece of information? Those are the exact results we delivered to one of our clients, who is a Healthcare Payer and Medicare Administrative Contractor. As impressive as the performance boost is, we were also able to increase accuracy and give their management more transparency into the credentialing process.

Are you meeting deadlines? Do you have visibility into your current outstanding workload?  Are your employees working on the oldest applications first? Are incomplete provider applications rejected immediately? If you cannot answer yes to all 4 of these questions, it might be time to look into what Naviant and OnBase can do for your credentialing process.

At Naviant, we are Provider Enrollment experts. We understand how to harness and direct the immense power of an Enterprise Information Platform, such as OnBase. Our process consultants can analyze and design solution tailored to your unique blind spots while drawing on their vast experience of successful implementations. Learn more.