Healthcare Payer Speeds Up Processing by 72% with OnBase

At CommunityLIVE last week, VP of Medicare Division at WPS Health Insurance, Sheila Bechmann, shared their company’s revolutionary story on how OnBase, an enterprise content management platform, transformed their paper-based business and increased productivity by 72%.

The Challenge

With two Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) contracts, the Government Health Administrators (GHA) division of Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation (WPS) serves millions of Medicare Part A and B recipients across the country. Each staff member handles no fewer than 600 cases. Paper-based processes hindered their levels of productivity. There was always a line for the printer. Storerooms overflowed with paperwork. WPS struggled to meet contractual timeliness requirements.

But, that all changed with OnBase by Hyland.

The Solution

WPS needed a way to speed processing and, while researching possible solutions, it recognized it needed one with more advanced workflow capabilities. Working with an authorized OnBase solutions provider, Naviant, WPS implemented Hyland’s enterprise content management (ECM) solution, OnBase, in January 2014.

Involving both its technical staff and its business users, WPS installed OnBase in 17 weeks, creating a customized workflow for provider enrollment. Now paperless, the department’s improved workflow shaved 45 days off its process, exceeding customer expectations.

“I think the biggest surprise came when the Naviant team came and started talking to us about the design. They’d ask what our pain points were – if we had any wish in the world, what would we change – and 90 to 100 percent of the time, they’d come back with a solution,” said Sheila Bechmann, Vice President, Operational IT, WPSGHA division.

Fifteen months following the initial implementation, WPS began expanding OnBase into the division’s other departments.

The Difference

Speeds processing: By utilizing native business process automation tools, OnBase helps provider enrollment staff complete work in 17 days, compared to the 62 days it used to take – a 72 percent improvement.

Simplifies compliance: WPS implemented metrics at each stage of its process to ensure requirements were being met. Since installing the OnBase WorkView | Case Management solution, provider enrollment has met all contract requirements and, according to its customer, has an inventory that is among the lowest, if not the lowest, in the country.

Reduces expenses: By managing its files electronically in OnBase, provider enrollment saved 1.4 million pages of paper in a year. It has also been able to reduce/repurpose 50 FTEs while eliminating all overtime. Since all of its content may be accessed electronically in OnBase, it has also been able to pilot a work-from-home program.

Reclaims space: “Provider enrollment is totally paperless. We don’t use our printers anymore and we removed the file cabinets from the storerooms. They’re now meeting spaces.” said Bechmann.

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