Inspire. Connect. Act. OnBase Conference 2012

Have you ever thought about going to a conference, but you didn’t know if upper management would approve, or even how to approach them? What if – just IF – you learned something at a conference that led directly to a savings of $250,000?

Typically there are several educational levels at a conference. There is the soft education, otherwise known as Inspiration. Attendees leave conferences motivated, excited, and ready to make improvements to themselves, their teams and their companies, my team, and my company.

The next level is Connections. Attendees often learn more by talking with someone over lunch than by the conference presenters, and when they face a challenge a few months later, they now have a connection that can provide insight.

Now we’re on to Action, ideas that can translate to improvements, cost savings and revenue generation.

Visit the Conference Toolkit to gain everything you need to “state your case” for joining your peers at OTTC 2012 to the “powers that be”. See you in Orlando!

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Marketing Manager

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