Ahoy, Mateys!

Space in yer hold may be a limited resource, but it’s cheap and getting cheaper by the day. Gmail and Hotmail are among the growing fleet of organizations actively encouraging users to never throw anything away. After all, why would you when you have all that room? Just archive it for the day when you get that burning desire to reread the email you sent your best mate saying you would be late to swashbuckling practice three years ago. The ongoing advance of technology is turning us into a community of data hoarders. At a certain point, it starts to attract bilge rats and then you’re wasting time and resources trying to keep them out of your grain. Those of you who manage the SAN backups and regularly find multiple copies of identical documents scattered around the network (none of which have been accessed in years, adding insult to injury) know exactly what I’m talking about.

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About Jennifer

Jennifer (aka Pixie) has over 30 years of experience in the Information Technology field, which includes 13+ years of Systems Administration, 16+ years of developing and implementing technical documentation and training, and 14+ years of supporting OnBase. She has extensive experience with OnBase, SQL, and a firm foundation in computer science. Despite this, she considers herself a well-adjusted nerd with hobbies including gardening (poorly), archery, and knitting in public.