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March into OnBase Dashboards without Madness

Wednesday, March 15 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am CST

March is a great time of year, Spring Break, warmer temperatures, basketball, lots of basketball. It is also a time filled with lots of statistics from first quarter company profits to NCAA basketball shooting percentages. These measurements can be maddening to find if you don’t have an easy-to-use tool like OnBase Reporting Dashboards. These point-and-click configurable real-time dashboards, provide IT employees critical system monitoring data, the management team process control of the workflows and end users a way to monitor their individual workload.

This demo packed webinar will show you how to configure your very own OnBase Reporting Dashboard. You will see the ease of the point-and-click configuration and sharing of the reports you develop. Enjoy writing SQL? It can readily accept your custom SQL select statements to pull back complex data. Want to report on data from another database? Of course, you do, and OnBase Reporting Dashboards give you that ability.

We will demo the dynamic dashboard capabilities that provide users the ability to interact with the dashboard to drill down to specific data adding efficiency to their day. Users can open documents, folders, workview objects or workflow queues directly from within the dashboard.

You will learn how to create the dashboard and a data provider required to create your first dashboard. You will see how easy it is to share the dashboard with other Unity Client users, secure the dashboard and export the data to excel. You can even share the dashboard by a simple HTML link, so NO Unity client is required!

Naviant loves the OnBase Reporting Dashboard module so much, we have created a custom dashboard bundle. You requested some more information from OnBase, we heard you and built them for you.

A picture says a thousand words; you can have more than one picture representation of your data on a dashboard report.

Let us take the madness out of your March measurements by joining us to learn more about OnBase Reporting Dashboards.

About Jennifer Siegel

Jennifer Siegel (aka Pixie) has over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology field, which includes 13+ years of Systems Administration and 15+ years of developing and implementing technical documentation and training. Jennifer has extensive experience with Active Directory, SQL, and a firm foundation in computer science. Despite this, she considers herself a well-adjusted nerd with hobbies including gardening (poorly), archery, and knitting in public. As an OnBase Certified Installer, Workflow Engineer, WorkView Engineer, and PaperVision Enterprise Certified Naviant Solutions Support Specialist, Jennifer is dedicated as first-line phone support, troubleshooting and tracking software and hardware issues. Additional responsibilities include serving up system audits, software upgrades and SQL queries. She bakes a mean cheesecake and her favorite café drink is a Cinnamon Steamer.

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