VERONA, WI – MTM International, a leading provider of full service document management solutions, announced today that it has rebranded its family of companies – MTM International and Naviant Group – under the name of Naviant. This is the result of a highly integrated strategic process, building on the company’s total service offerings and branding that would carry the combined company forward.

The new Naviant brand represents a subtle shift in positioning as an enterprise document management to a business process management provider for companies requiring innovative and complete solutions to critical process and document flow challenges.

“In many aspects, our brand is now catching up with the way we’ve operated during the last several years, and fully reflects who we are today,” said Mike Suter, Naviant President. “What is truly exciting is that our focus is on improving business processes around document management across the entire organization. We will continue to serve our clients with a comprehensive range of consulting services, best-in-class solutions and technologies and exceptional customer service.”

Tom Suter, Managing Partner of Naviant Group, said, “the decision to rebrand the company as Naviant with strong visual identity signals we are directly aligned with our clients’ ongoing and changing business needs. And, our company’s broad-based solutions ensure business process improvement quickly and effectively.”

“Our clients will immediately see the benefits, as client demand for a focus on process improvement prior to enabling the appropriate technology continues. . With the focal point on leveraging our entire organization’s strengths to optimize how companies operate, we are truly raising the bar in business process and document management excellence.”

The company is committed to its legacy of innovation within the business process and content management industry. The company’s new name, logo and slogan – Process focus. Excellence. – are meant to signal the way Naviant conducts business and establishes what a next-generation business process management company is.

“Naviant – reflecting solutions that are innovative, the logo – with its distinctive and differentiating colors, and our slogan – stating the outcome of our exceptional services, is the brand we want our clients to remember,” Mike Suter added.

About Naviant
Naviant, headquartered in Verona, WI, is a full-service business process management provider for innovative and complete solutions to critical process and document flow challenges. The company’s suite of business process and document management services comprises strategies and tools that lift companies to a fully collaborative enterprise. As a certified solutions integrator and support provider for best-in-class solutions and technologies, Naviant also has a state-of-the-art records center for data and document storage, scanning and conversion services. For nearly 25 years, the company has been an industry leading strategic partner with more than 1,500 public and private organizations. For more information, please go to

About Naviant Group
Naviant Group, a Naviant company headquartered in Minneapolis MN, is a product agnostic consulting organization focused exclusively on providing comprehensive answers to align and improve core business processes by determining, planning and implementing a roadmap to simplify business process management around document-centric processes. Areas of consulting include: business process management, technology infrastructure and integration, enterprise content management and strategic best practices.