Looking for some interesting enhancement requests for OnBase that you’d like to support? Here is a working list of Hyland Community Ideas that Naviant believes would be valuable improvements to OnBase.

Added 3/31/22

Idea: Add a configurable option to prevent users from being automatically added to load balanced queues
The current behavior is not consistent and Managers cannot access a queue for their load balanced associates without potentially being assigned work in it.

Added 3/30/22

Idea: Allow studios ‘connection strings’ for external datasets and autofills
Some organizations require database passwords to change on a regular schedule. When you have many configuration settings using them to manage, updating them individually is an arduous process.

Idea: DocPop Separate Licensing
Instead of using Workflow Concurrent licenses for DocPop connections, have a separate DocPop License that is either universal or has an unlimited count, so that users connecting specifically with DocPop URLs don’t have to worry about the license consumption filling up – the DocPop separate license covers all of those connections.

Idea: Retroactive Updates to Custom Actions
If user groups assigned to a custom action in a Unity form are removed or replaced, access to historical forms can be lost. This applies both in terms of changing the configuration of the custom action and, more dangerously, when a user group is deleted from Configuration. In the latter case, our experience has been that Hyland needs to be engaged to fix it in the database.

Idea: Requeue failed distribution jobs from Dashboard in the Unity Management Console
When performing a failed distribution report there is no way to retry those jobs.

Idea: Improve handling of file type whitelisting for Unity form attachments
Starting with EP1, document types can be configured with certain file types whitelisted for the document type. When a file is selected that is not of one of the whitelisted file types, there is no warning until the form is submitted. At that point, the form will save successfully and the user will get a warning that their attachment will not be saved. There is no opportunity for the user to go back and correct the attachment.

Idea: Provide Timely Release Notes
Having timely and complete information regarding the changes between versions of a software package is essential to making an informed decision on whether to upgrade to that version or not. Additionally, this provides customers information which greatly supports testing processes.

Idea: Provide ability to “cleanup” orphaned documents once they are removed from the unity/agenda form as attachments
When a document attached to a form is deleted from the system, the user is left with an indicator that a document was once associated with this form. If the form is configured to only allow one document to be attached, the user is unable to attach a new document.

Idea: Add ability to attach files when opening a support ticket
Add the ability to attach multiple files when opening a support ticket so that the process can be more efficient for the customer and support staff.

Idea: Make ShareBase list view more like Windows
While you can sort by Name, Date, Size, and Type, you can’t actually see all of that information in an effective way or save your view or sort order.

Idea: Allow individual keyword dataset to use WorkView filters
Dashboards and Autofill Keyword Sets can both point to a WorkView filter as the source for data. For loose keywords that refer to WorkView to populate their datasets, the only way to accomplish this is with an external dataset configuration with a custom SQL query pointing to the OnBase database.

Idea: Save a Unity Form without Closing the Form
In the case where someone is working on an extensive Unity Form, a user may get distracted for a while with meetings or etc. Currently, the only option to Save their current work also closes the Unity Form and executes System Events. There isn’t an option to Save progress, not execute system work and continue working on the form.

Idea: Comprehensive System to Allow Distributed Development and Administration of Onbase
Lists multiple areas where the ability to give newer and less experienced developers/administrators enough permissions to do work without allowing them to accidentally damage existing solutions would be helpful.

Idea: Have the preview feature available while importing .msg files into OnBase
While importing a .MSG file, no preview is shown in the import screen as with other file formats.

Idea: Native support for HEIF and HEVC file formats
With the prevalence of mobile camera hardware, Apple and Android are saving to HEIF and HEVC formats by default. These standards are quickly becoming a larger percentage of imports.

Idea: Correct Data Source field name
Changing the field labels is an easy way to reduce confusion during configuration. The Data Source field in the ADO.NET connection is looking for the name of the installed database instance (i.e. servername\instance). The Datasource field in Config | Utils is looking for the Data Source Name value of the ADO.NET connection (i.e. friendly name).

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