I just returned from another amazing week of OnBase education at Hyland’s OnBase Training & Technology Conference (OTTC) for customers and partners, and each year Hyland delivers. With record breaking attendance (just under 1,400) from customers around the globe, OTTC is the premier educational event for all things OnBase and draws attendees from every level of an organization.

Our customers in attendance had this to say about OTTC this year: “I learned things we can take back and start using NOW. I had so many valuable conversations with other OnBase users like us. I feel so energized about the power of OnBase. Being here this week will transform our business. This conference was an outstanding value. Wow, I realized just how much I didn’t know about OnBase. I can’t believe the access to Hyland resources—we accomplished so much!”.

To see what you missed at OTTC 2011, you can view presentations at conference.onbase.com (username: 2011OTTC | password: vegas).

The best part about OTTC is truly the intangible sense of community that you feel when you join together with peers who have “been there, done that” and can share challenges and accomplishments. Put money in your budget now to attend OTTC in 2012 in sunny Orlando FL so you don’t miss another opportunity.

– Liz Skolaski, Naviant Vice President

About Jen

Jen Hein is the VP of Marketing for Naviant. Her passion for innovation and dedication to pushing the envelope with marketing has helped position Naviant as the #1 Hyland Partner for Marketing Excellence. Jen’s vision for investing in the right marketing strategies and technology that align with sales to deliver a strong customer experience is a key pillar in Naviant’s growth strategy. With 15+ years of experience in B2B marketing, she has built an awesome team of marketers that share those same beliefs on how to gain and retain happy customers… and they have fun doing it! When not at work, Jen loves spending time with her husband and their four amazing children, being outside in nature, and giving out high fives.