Digitech Systems has released PaperVision Enterprise R76! The new build expands mobile capabilities, allows for more flexibility when viewing documents and sets a foundation for future product updates.

PaperVision Enterprise entered the mobile marketplace in January, with the announcement of the browser-based viewer. Now, in addition to working with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari, PaperVision Enterprise users can also access documents securely using Android mobile devices without having to install an application or plug-in. For additional flexibility on mobile devices, users can now enable the Mobile Device option to open individual Search Results items with a single click and format the Search Results rows to make it easier to work with items. Mobile users can also email documents from within the browser-based viewer.

PaperVision Enterprise R76 also marks the launch of the PaperVision Web Assistant. The Web Assistant is an architectural change that will make it easier to deliver new features and functions for PaperVision Enterprise across all browsers. The existing ActiveX document and workflow viewers as well as the administration controls have been migrated into the PaperVision Web Assistant. The most exciting result of this new architecture is that all of the advanced features and administration capabilities will work with any browser on Windows-based operating systems. Don’t like using Internet Explorer, but felt you had to in order to get the full features offered in the ActiveX document viewer? No problem! Simply use FireFox (or another browser of your choice) and the PaperVision Web Assistant will do the rest. Keep your eyes open in the future as we expect to announce numerous additional changes to PaperVision Enterprise based on this innovative technology!

You will find almost thirty additional updates in the new version (including support for email in 64-bit Microsoft Outlook), so take a look at the release notes and download your update today!

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