There are a lot of moving parts in IT today, and it is easy to lose things in the busy shuffle of getting tasks done. Checking the compatibility of software and hardware connections is often one of the first questions asked when a project is in the implementation phase. However, once everything is running, compatibility is usually overlooked or even forgotten.

Many companies post regularly updated lists of their compatibility with other products. An example that most people are familiar with is Microsoft- a version of Microsoft Word from 1995 would not work with other programs designed in 2019. The compatibility lists that companies offer are a way to avoid headaches when trying to install programs on existing computers, only to find out it doesn’t work on that specific Brand X of machine, or with Brand Y of program.

Hyland Software has a Compatibility List to Help

The Hyland Compatibility list can be found at the link below and is on their Community website. Users will need a Community Account to login and view the link- if you do not have a Community login, you can register for one on the site using your work email address. If you experience any issues setting up an account, Naviant Support can assist in getting it working for you.

An important update on this list is the Microsoft Windows versions and what version of OnBase they are compatible with. As of this writing, Feb. 20, 2020, the version of Microsoft Windows 10 with the recent update from November of 2019 (patch 1909) is not compatible with any version of OnBase previous to 18.

What Does This Mean for You?

If you have OnBase version 17 or earlier and are using Windows 10 computers, you may begin to experience issues with some tasks either being slow, causing errors, or not working at all. There are options for you, however, so don’t despair!

Reverting Windows 10 to the May 2019 Update (Patch 1903)

Reverting the Windows version back to the May release will bring the compatibility back into alignment with OnBase and allow you to continue using all the features. The downside to this option is that your company may have requirements to keep Windows updated to a specific version, or you may find other applications over time also face issues if you don’t keep the Windows version up to date.

Upgrading OnBase to a Newer Supported Version

Upgrading OnBase will bring your product back into support and alignment with all the current offerings and avoid any issues with compatibility in the future. The minimum version that works with this update to Windows is 18. However, Naviant recommends that if you are going to upgrade OnBase, you might as well go to the latest and greatest – OnBase Foundation!

The added benefit of upgrading software to Foundation is that it makes rolling out updates to OnBase easier: instead of needing you to upgrade entire versions, Foundation allows for more real-time updates of features regularly, similar to how Microsoft updates Windows.

The Hyland Third Part Compatibility Page

The link to the Hyland Compatibility page is here.

You can download this list as a CSV file to make it easier to review. Check it regularly for the applications you use most frequently to make sure all of your programs will continue to work together properly!

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