We suited up in our finest leathers to meet up with our crew at the Harley-Davidson Museum for our annual Naviant ECM Leadership Summit this year. Everyone’s engines were softly whispering, “potato, potato, potato…” as the anticipation grew for the light to turn green and the two day ECM road trip to begin. With 125 bikes, our Road Captain guided us safely through the event and taught us a few new things along the way.

  1. It’s not about your destination; it’s about your Journey. As leaders, our ECM paths are different, but we were all appointed as Road Captains to take and lead our organizations’ journey. What are you doing to lead your team to the next level? Gather some insights on our website by checking out recent Whitepapers, Case Studies, Videos and more
  2. Get your motor running and join us for the ride. Harley-Davidson, WPS Health Insurance, and Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company (GTL) have joined the ride with Naviant toward the destination of automating their business processes via OnBase and workflow solutions. Each company presented their journey at the summit and shared just how far they have come since the days of paper files and manual routing
  3. Workflow… A vacation from the routine. Workflow is a power business tool that can reinvent how you process “people-driven” work. This highly interactive session focused on getting started in workflow, and how you can use “microapplications” (aka mini workflows) to start seeing immediate value from your investments. Filled with great content and amazing user stories, enthusiasts walked away with a ton of ideas for how they could use workflow to revolutionize their worlds.
  4. One size does not fit all in capture. Characters Recognized Optically Maximize Efficiencies (ChROME) was a top-rated session at the Summit this year, and it explored the multiple options to systematically read information from documents, use that data within optimized business processes, and create records within your core business systems. Concepts included full page OCR and search, document classification, form templates & advanced capture. Attendees walked away with the knowledge of the best OCR options for how your organization does business. Stop processing information manually!
  5. Roll out with Mobile Integration and Unity Client! User experiences and technical support can be significantly enhanced, and Summit attendees can adopt these new tools in 2014 while saving some cash in their pockets. Read more about the importance of Mobile Integration here.
  6. Jump to New ECM Heights | Building Your Dream Bike Roadmap. Your investment into ECM does not have to be a complex Evil Knievel stunt, it can be an Easy Ride…r. Just like the dream of building your perfect motorcycle, an ideal ECM solution has a solid foundation with a future roadmap to add on components over time. This visionary session discussed how to expand your OnBase investment throughout the enterprise into other departments, including Human Resources, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Customer Service, Contract Management, Quality, Maintenance/Safety, etc. Checkout this Workbook to see where to get started.
  7. Case Management | Your Exit from the Highway to Hell. OnBase Case Management is a framework that provides a 360° view of the information your knowledge workers need (data from existing systems/spreadsheets, conversations, documents, etc.) to process work faster. It is a perfect tool for managing high-volume “people-driven” work that is unpredictable and requires their knowledge and expertise? Take a load off Annie and put the load right on Case Management….it will make you an Easy Rider!
  8. Expect the unexpected. Mike Suter, Naviant President & CEO, transformed into a veteran biker with astonishing short notice. See the transformation and other photos from the event on Facebook.
  9. Have fun! While it may not be about your destination, the Harley-Davidson Museum was THE Destination. Exclusive private dinners and guided museum tours only helped hammer down this year’s summit location as one of the most memorable ever.
  10. What’s next? Start stretching, practice your routes, and bust out your favorite jersey because next year we will be at Lambeau Field! Mark your calendars for Tuesday & Wednesday, October 13 & 14, 2015. We look forward to seeing you there!

In the meantime, keep in touch with us. Visit our blog and check us out on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

About Katelyn

Katelyn has been a marketer and graphic designer at Naviant since 2014. She constantly seeks the most efficient route to solve problems, much like Naviant. Naviant consults on business process management and document management; working with companies to digitally transform processes and develop solutions to stay competitive and increase customer satisfaction. Katelyn enjoys connecting people with information and helping make their day-to-day work lives easier.