In the blink of an eye, another successful Naviant Summit conference is in the books. The Naviant Summit 2019 granted attendees the opportunity to learn from both the experts and their peers, network, explore new solutions, and gain momentum to use their OnBase solutions to their advantage.

During the two-day conference, we got the chance to chat with various attendees about their Summit experience and what keeps them returning each year. It quickly became clear that there was a pattern in the responses we got; many of our attendees are driven to the Naviant Summit for the same reasons.

Whether you’re a veteran attendee of the Naviant Summit or are considering joining us next year for the first time, we think you’ll enjoy hearing from your peers. So, without further ado, here are 3 of the most popular reasons to attend the Naviant Summit, through the eyes of our attendees.

1. Networking and Brainstorming with Other Users:

Although attendees of the Naviant Summit represent a wide range of industries, everyone has one shared experience in common; some familiarity with OnBase. As a result, the Naviant Summit offers guests the opportunity to network with peers and learn more about what they do, as well as how they may be using OnBase.

Tracy Brown of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation shared that in his experience, this has been a highlight of attending the Naviant Summit. He stated that to him, the greatest benefit is “Being able to network with other organizations and see where they’re at and how they migrated to different solutions. And to do some brainstorming.”

The beauty of being inside a conference center with dozens of other OnBase users is that chances are, you’ll be able to find peers with similar needs and challenges. Fortunately, the Naviant Summit offers a convenient environment to network with such peers, and in the process, discuss shared experiences and challenges and brainstorm solutions.

The benefits I see when I come here is getting together with other users and getting ideas from others who are using it [OnBase], as well as picking up those ideas in class, and we can go home and take it to our teams,” Summit attendee Tim Schlein of Change Healthcare said.

Joshua Lyons of Exact Sciences agreed, saying, “Attending the Naviant conference really allows me to work with the other people in my market and surrounding areas that are going through a lot of the same growth and issues that we are going through. Being able to help build those partnerships beyond just this conference but ongoing beyond it.”

The value of networking at the Naviant Summit is further enhanced by the fact that attendees of the Naviant Summit represent a variety of levels of experience using the platform, from beginners to seasoned users. As a result, you may get the chance to hear from expert users and even ask them questions. There’s always benefit in getting different perspectives, and the Naviant Summit is an excellent opportunity to do this.

2. Discover What’s New with Hyland

While talking with attendees, another theme that came into conversation frequently was the benefit of getting reconnected with Hyland. From learning about new solutions to gaining insight on Hyland and its technology’s bright innovative future, there’s always plenty to discover at the Naviant Summit.

This year, attendees of the Naviant Summit got to hear from Hyland speakers such as Colleen Alber, and Glenn Gibson. Colleen Alber gave attendees the latest scoop on the most exciting Hyland innovations like capture, search, case management, cloud, mobile, maps, and reporting. She also covered the latest enhancements in OnBase 18 and OnBase Foundation with other Hyland portfolio products.

Dan Berg of Colony Brands, who has been a longtime attendant of the Naviant Summit, said that getting insight into new Hyland products is highly beneficial. “We enjoy coming to the Summit as we learn about new benefits that are pushed out by Hyland for the OnBase products,” he said.

In his presentation, Glenn Gibson gave his insight on what’s in store for Hyland technology, explaining the future of the modernization and unification of Hyland’s product portfolio. He also went into greater detail on information about the brand new OnBase Foundation and what it might look like in the future. Future-thinking information such as this is valuable to organizations as it allows them to plan for future technologies.

Tracy Brown spoke to this effect as well, stating that he values “Learning all the new functionalities that are being offered in the future.”

In an industry that changes so rapidly, it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest technologies and trends, but at the Naviant Summit, you can learn directly from the source. Kurt Koeff of National Insurance Services enjoys this part of the event, saying, “As we know, things change fast in this industry and it’s always kind of hard to keep up with it. So, I always lean heavily on Naviant for the knowledge, their ability to keep me up-to-date with things and help lend a hand whenever I have questions.”

3. Dig Deeper into Your Solution

In addition to getting a peek into the future of Hyland products, Naviant Summit attendees got to dig deeper into the solutions they already had. Even those who interact with OnBase every day are likely to find a new tip or trick to help them optimize their solution. And what better place to do this than at a conference full of experts from Hyland and Naviant who ready to share their knowledge and experiences?

Another attendee also spoke to this effect, saying, “One of the big things is just reconnecting to folks at Naviant, that we worked with that helped design our application, as well as other folks who are working with Naviant that might have similar issues or needs in terms of what we implemented with our solution. It’s a good way to reconnect with those people.”

You may spend a great deal of time using OnBase, but the Naviant Summit may just help you look at your solution with fresh eyes through exposure to new ideas. Kelly Doepke of Construction Resource Management agreed with this, saying, “For me, I think the greatest benefit would be just learning new ideas. It sparks my mind on different ways I can use the products for Human Resources specifically. Not necessarily the newest, greatest upgrades for OnBase, but how can I use what we already have and make things better.”

Regardless of your industry or level of OnBase experience, we’re sure that you will be able to find value in attending the Naviant Summit. We can’t wait for you to “join the pack” at the 2020 Naviant Summit at Lambeau Field- stay tuned for more information.

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