Video: Cut the Paper Out of Your Processes

There are countless reasons why organizations invest in software applications like enterprise content management (ECM). However, the most common reason is to reduce the bottom line in administrative departments like AP and HR.

The backbone of any company, these departments are responsible for your employees and finances. Coincidentally, they both share the same business pain – too much paper.

Almost every enterprise solution offers a number of tools to help improve the way you do business. But if your processes still involve manual tasks, you’ll never be able to support strategic growth initiatives.

A true enterprise application can electronically capture information no matter how it arrives to your organization – by paper, fax, email, EDI, etc. –and makes it instantly available to your staff, eliminating time spent hunting down necessary information.

Below, hear Dr. Johan Waktare, CCIO at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, explain how OnBase by Hyland transformed his organization into a virtually paper-free hospital, including its administrative departments.\

To learn more about ECM and OnBase from the people who use it every day, visit the case studies section of our website.

About Katelyn O'Brien

Katelyn is a graphic designer and marketer. As a Marketing Communications Specialist at Naviant, she connects people with information via social media, emails, newsletters, websites, and blogs. Whether it be registering prospective clients for events or helping current clients find the right educational resources, she ensures people receive the information they seek. Outside of work, Katelyn enjoys everything outside – hiking, boating, fishing, camping, and running.

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