Keeping Up With Digital Technology Innovation

Digital technology innovation is evolving at an incredibly fast pace with the rise of Digital Transformation. Keeping up with the latest and greatest solutions can be overwhelming. Here’s an exercise: Think of all the times throughout your day that you interact with technology. Did you pay for your coffee with your smartphone? Or did you ask your digital assistant for the weather forecast? Maybe you recently interacted with your bank account with an online bot.

Now think back 10 years ago. How many of your routine technology interactions were even in existence?

The answer, for the most part, is no. The smartphone was brand new and not widely used or especially capable yet, chatbots didn’t even debut until 2011, and Alexa was introduced in 2014. Today, they’re all integrated into so many people’s lives to the point where it’s easy to take them for granted. And it only took roughly a decade.

That’s how fast technology innovation is moving right before our very eyes. “Unprecedented” is what John Schwarz, co-founder and CEO of Visier, a business analytics and intelligence company, calls it.

“Employees, customers, and the competition drive tech adoption – often faster than our plans can absorb,” he writes. “Changing processes, plans and practices at scale is time-consuming, risky, and may lead to short-term losses before generating long-term gains. But change is coming inexorably, and business leaders need to be nimble in order to embrace it.

But how can you stay ahead of the curve when innovation is constantly evolving? How can you manage the next disruption? This ebook is here to break down the latest trends that you need to know now. This includes:

  • Intelligent Automation
  • Low-Code Software Platforms
  • Cloud Applications


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