Basic storage and retrieval had their moment, but now we’ve moved onto bigger and brighter things. Organizations aiming to drive real business value need a content services platform that provides full process control, visibility, automation, and immediate delivery of necessary information. Additionally, the platform must be able to evolve and grow with the organization.

Yet as solutions become more complex and widespread across the organization, IT staff face an increasingly demanding workload as they’re tasked with supporting and expanding the platform. As a result, the future of content services lies in the cloud. When organizations invest in a cloud-delivered solution, much of the pressure that was once on in-house staff is lifted. Instead, it puts the responsibility into the hands of cloud experts. In spite of the many benefits of the cloud, organizations are sometimes hesitant to make the switch.

Let’s debunk five common myths regarding cloud-based deployments to showcase the top benefits of a cloud content services platform.

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