Why HR? Why now?

Content services solutions for human resources (HR) departments are growing in popularity. Why? Whether prepping for an upcoming audit or conducting an investigation into an employee issue, security, compliance and cost-related issues are everywhere. Manual, paper-based, and inconsistent processes are especially troublesome.

Many in HR have realized content management isn’t just a nice-to-have. With social movements shining a spotlight on workplace misconduct and data privacy regulations that can impose major fines (up to $2 million for GDPR non-compliance), a good content services platform is now a necessity.

Notice the word choice – good. Not all content services platforms are created equal. In this ebook, we’ll guide you through seven of the most compelling reasons to make HR your next content services project.

Meet Sarah, our HR expert

Put simply, Sarah loves HR. She has loved HR for some time, in fact. For instance, she spent more than five years on Hyland’s own HR team gaining first-hand experience with recruiting, retention, employee engagement and more. She knows how challenging the HR field can be in today’s complex business landscape. Now, as a Sales Engineer, Sarah gets to talk with HR departments every day about the issues they face. She uses her deep knowledge of HR and content services platforms to help improve the efficiency and security of their processes.

Based on her experience, Sarah has identified seven reasons why content services should be a top priority for HR departments. But first, let’s work on defining content services.

What is a content services platform?

One of the first questions I often get from HR leaders is “If I have an HRIS system, why do I need to use a content services platform?” A content services platform is capable of aggregating content across multiple repositories to connect disparate applications. It represents a shift from self-contained enterprise content management (ECM) systems to open services. Gartner, a leading IT research and advisory company, defines content services this way.


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