In order to face the demands that claims processing departments face today, a deep understanding of the myriad business processes that are critical to the operation is important. And ABBYY Timeline gives you exactly that. Timeline is a brand new way to automatically analyze data to understand, monitor, optimize processes. It will give you full visibility into all of your processes, including processes with steps that are performed on multiple backend systems, like Majesco, DuckCreek, Guidewire, CSC, Insurity, etc.) Let’s explore some of Timeline’s most powerful features.

Timeline Analysis

Timeline Analysis lets you directly inspect each individual step taken in each claim. This includes when steps are performed on different backend systems, as well as tools to filter  by time, complexity, staff, claim type, among others.

Path Analysis

Path Analysis gives you a new way to analyze different patterns of execution for across any filtered subset of claims. You can quickly spot any deviations from expected behavior or when a step must be skipped, repeated, or missing completely. And you can use any pattern of interest to drill down directly to those claims which exhibit that behavior.

True Process Intelligence

Claims processing operations are a part of a complex web of interconnected and interdependent processes. In order to reduce operating expense and mitigate damages, insurers must understand the details of how they are managing their claims processing operations. It’s also important, however, to understand the performance details of all participants involved in the process at hand, including contract adjusters, third-party support organizations, other partners, internal staff, and others. The end goal should be to achieve true process intelligence.

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