Accounts Receivable Automation Gold Standards and Best Practices

Accounts Receivable Automation: Payment Processing with Ease

Relying on paper slows you down. It leads to prolonged days sales outstanding (DSO) as well as delayed deposits and inaccurate cash flow projections. By capturing and processing payments automatically, you increase the speed and accuracy of your accounts receivable (AR) processes.

Decreasing your dependence on paper allows you to increase your operational efficiency and decrease the occurrence of misapplied cash. Information flows through your processes, reaches everyone who needs it, integrates with critical applications and provides real-time insight into the health of your finances.

You may have a lot of choices, but these six categories comprise the “Gold Standard” of a true enterprise content management (ECM) solution. When researching your options to solve these business pains, make sure the solution you choose can perform all of them.

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