AP Automation Framework for SAP and Document Management Workflow

Utilizing enterprise content management with integrated document-centric Workflow and advanced OCR capture, extraction, recognition, matching, and validation, Naviant provides rapidly deployable, enterprise level, and world-class AP automation solutions to global organizations through certified SAP integrations.

Naviant has developed the exclusive NavAP Framework for SAP, leveraging the OnBase and Perceptive Capture (powered by Brainware) solutions. The Framework has been proven to provide major process improvements, rapid ROI, and significant cost reductions including ROIs of less than one year and estimated first-year savings of $1.5 million.

Framework Overview

This extensive development foundation, NavAP Framework for SAP, streamlines implementation services and provides replicable AP process advantages.

The Framework is designed to provide an extension to SAP functions rather than a replacement of business logic with SAP, and an efficient method for the automation of data entry and invoice posting to SAP.

Where posting cannot be automated, existing SAP workflow processes and data entry mechanisms are used to ensure that users are operating in an environment familiar to them, and to make the most efficient use of business logic and validation rules maintained within SAP.

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