AR Automation Case Study (Aerial)

Aerial Company Inc.’s goal was to establish itself as a customer service and support leader in the distribution of beauty and barber supplies. By eliminating reliance on microfiche and paper-based processes, the $95 million distributor is able to respond to customer inquiries better and has improved communication with its 54 store locations, 85 field sales account executives, 40 headquarter sales consultants, 75 educators, 12 customer service associates and 3 distribution centers.

Replacing microfiche and paper-based files with OnBase Document Management solution has allowed Aerial Company Inc. to provide employees faster access to information, improve customer service, free up floor space and set the stage for ongoing process improvements. The OnBase solution is currently being used in Accounts Receivable, Finance & Human Resources.

Benefits of OnBase AR Automation

  • Secure Web access decreased the payback period by one-third
  • Reclaimed significant floor space and other resources devoted to maintaining paper-based files
  • Modular software suite allows incremental enhancements and expansion to new departments
  • Documents immediately available for customer service or other research
  • Sales managers now view invoices immediately instead of waiting seven to 10 days for them to be mailed
  • Reduced costs for printing, postage and invoice forms

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