AR Automation with Document Management Case Study (Bush Brothers)

Top manufacturer optimizes AR document management to improve service—saves $350k

Despite the fact that Bush Brothers’ high-volume financial processes were almost all EDI-driven, its accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) departments were engulfed in paper, clouding real-time visibility. Too much staff time was spent on non value-added tasks. It was impossible for staff to handle the year-end volume without hiring temporary help. Also document-intensive, quality control processes at the manufacturing plants produced document stacks an inch thick, every day. Bush Brothers was storing 90 banker boxes per year to meet internal and FDA retention mandates. Documents were stored in-house for one year, offsite for seven.

The Challenges
• AP volume difficult to manage, especially at year-end audits
• Paperwork not readily available for dispute resolution/plant issues
• Reporting and planning difficult

The Results
• Volume is up 15% and $150,000 is saved annually in AP and AR labor
• Two day drop in DSO = $200,000
• Deduction disputes and issues resolved in minutes, not a week

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