Automatically Move Data From Paper and Electronic Invoices Into Your ERP

Brainware for Invoices will alleviate costly, inefficient, manual tasks—not just simply redistribute the work throughout the organization. Intelligent capture is the only way to drastically reduce the need to manually enter data for both PO and non- PO invoices. You can automate PO-based invoices to achieve true touchless processing, and automate GL-coding for non-PO invoices so that they automatically enter the approval workflow. It’s likely you already have some form of automation in place— whether it’s EDI, EIPP, imaging or workflow. You may be “paperless” with invoices coming in via fax or email. But even if you have automated most of your invoices, you may still have thousands or millions of invoices remaining. Often, these will be the most complex, non-PO invoices that seem impossible to automate. With Brainware Intelligent Capture, you can quickly transform even your most costly, error-prone AP processes into revenue-generating, value- added operations.

Real-Time Visibility Into Cash Flow

rainware Intelligent Capture speeds invoice processing from days or weeks to hours, providing near real-time insight  into the status of your liabilities and empowering you to make more informed financial decisions. In addition, you will have access to metrics regarding the overall efficiency of invoice processing, from receipt of invoice to posting of payment and a complete audit trail of who did what and when.

Rapid Time To Value

Brainware for Invoices’ template-free, human-like learning approach to data capture allows us to get the system up and running in your environment quickly, enabling your organization to start realizing ROI with page one on day one.

Data Validation and Automatic GL-Coding

Fuzzy logic improves extraction results. As a result, this enhances data matching and validation. Additionally, our solution can match extracted invoice data to back-end information even when it’s not identical. This is critical for automating line-pairing of partial invoices to the corresponding purchase orders. Fuzzy logic also functions to automate General Ledger coding for non-PO invoices. As line-item data is extracted from the invoice, it can be matched against GL codes. Additionally, it can be appended to the invoice automatically.

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