With an increasing volume of content to oversee, enterprise leaders have realized that they need something more secure, reliable, and scalable than on-premise solutions.

Many have flocked to Cloud-rooted applications that define content services platforms.

Content and the processes that relate to them have been increasingly recognized as a major driver of digital transformation. In fact, Gartner minted the term “content services” in 2017 to recognize the potential of this emerging technology. Three years later, enterprise content services platforms have become key to solving longstanding issues and bringing harmony to organizational content, related data, and cases. As a result, we have a streamlined content ecosystem that allows an organization to outpace the competition. It also enables organizations to set their focus on innovation.

Many options, including Hyland’s content services platform delivered through the Hyland Cloud, are very scalable. This benefits organizations by offering proof-of-concepts that can be deployed within a department or on a modular basis, or support a full realignment of content- and process-related practices. No matter the scale, these platforms can fulfill your organization’s needs.

The Changing Conversation About Enterprise Content

The way we talk about content has evolved over the last decade. Thanks to leaps in cloud technology – better security, more transparency, processing power for AI and analytics, elastic scalability – solutions that once seemed impossible now are standard in many offerings. But just as the technology itself has evolved, so has the way the industry discusses it.

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