Case Management Solution: Improve Work Driven by Knowledge and Manage Cases Across Your Organization

Organizations have those processes that are impossible to define with outcomes that are unpredictable. But there is a solution: OnBase case management solutions can empower your staff members to effectively manage cases, handle high-value exceptions, and improve their decision making all around. This powerful technology centralizes all the information your organization possesses surrounding a case. It provides users with easy to use tools that help them do everything from resolving issues and managing claims to fulfilling service requests and onboarding employees.

These tools do a variety of beneficial things for your organization. They can empower your employees to work smarter, for example, through offering a 360-degree view of the information that they need, be it data records, documents, or emails. Users are also given access to reporting dashboards and audit trails of all activities, which increases visibility, control, transparency, and support compliance. It also can help your organization to identify all of its opportunities to improve. These tools also offer you a single platform for solutions across your enterprise. When you create content-enabled applications on a single point-and-click configurable platform, you can save the time and cost that would otherwise come from building, managing, and upgrading multiple systems.

OnBase allows you to configure applications that are driven by data, automate tedious, manual processes, and manage all supporting documents. Most vendors offer multiple integrated acquired products to deliver all these capabilities to you, but none can deliver them all on a single software suite product but OnBase.

OnBase case management helps your organization to solve a variety of business problems on a single platform, from facilities project management and compliance tracking to vendor management, HR onboarding, contract management incident resolution, and fraud investigation.

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