The responsibilities of providing services to their members and managing the regulatory, development and ongoing duties of running casinos could easily overwhelm tribal government. Casinos may present job and funding opportunities, but the risk and compliance tasks add to the long list of needs that a tribal government must meet.

Federal agencies have a long history of requiring extensive documentation and files associated with the funding provided to tribes for housing, human services, infrastructure and more. In addition, as tribes seek to restore land boundaries and register members, documentation is critical. Just ask the Oneida Nation.

Oneida Nation utilizes OnBase Document Management within Gaming & Casino Management, and during a recent audit, the National Indian Gaming Commission auditor praised Oneida Nation at a gaming conference and encouraged other gaming organizations to go see our system.  Audits are done in less than half the time because of the ease of document retrieval.  Oneida also was able to eliminate a vacation “records technician” position because the entire staff has the capability to importing scanning and retrieving their own records. And because of how easy it is for OnBase to ingest and share documents, Oneida has virtually eliminated the need for printing and their entire paper filing system has been eliminated. Security is another major department that OnBase is highly used within Oneida, and OnBase has eliminated the previous manual distribution process they had in place for our daily Incident Reports (medicals, thefts, damage, bans, suspicious activity reports, etc.), which proved to be a very time consuming effort involving four other entities. From background checks for casino employees to Players Club to managing the slot machines, Oneida uses ECM to manage those records and drive down the costs and time needed to survive a highly regulated activity.

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