Contract Management Workflow Solution

Remove Risk and Remain Compliant

The process of managing contracts made with customers, vendors, partners, or employees is no simple task. If handled incorrectly, your organization could lose opportunities for renegotiation, face penalties due to non-compliance or endure costly legal audits. The difficulties of paper-based, manual processes only increase the chances of problems arising.Several aspects of a paper-based processing can escalate risk. With each revision, copies must be forwarded to the right person for approval. This is time-consuming and costly. Relying on paper increases the danger of lost documents or working with outdated versions. Ultimately, this could remove leverage in vendor contract negotiations or result in lost customers.

Naviant’s contract management solution ┬áremoves the risks and waste associated with manual, paper-based processes


  • Inability to locate and retrieve contracts for review and collaboration
  • Lack of visibility into the contract
  • creation and approval process
  • Missed opportunities for contract review or renegotiation

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