Controlling Content: An Ongoing HR Challenge

Of the many things you can say about human resources, one that resonates with HR professionals is, “It’s complicated.”

Whether the task at hand is recruiting, retention, learning, benefits, regulatory compliance or other critical employee-focused processes, HR today manages more complexity than it ever has.

Additionally, even in today’s high-tech world, that growing complexity continues to generate difficult-to manage paper content and employee files.

“Manually processing information via paper is extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive for HR staff, prohibiting it from focusing on the job—improving HR’s level of service to employees,” says Katie Alberti, a solution marketing specialist for administrative solutions at Westlake, Ohio-based Hyland, creator of OnBase, an enterprise content management (ECM) solution provider. Despite those ongoing paper avalanches, HR leaders do have an option, says Jim Kohan, solutions architect at Hyland.

Companies may purchase ECM software for something else, such as accounts payable, but will then look to expand it to HR. As Kohan notes, ECM can work in every department, with a wide range of document types and processes. While HR today is finally being recognized as a critical factor in an organization’s success, it continues to generate a good deal of difficult to manage, counter-productive paper documents.

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