Document Management Integration Suite for SAP Certified ArchiveLink

Integration Suite for SAP ArchiveLink

With the Integration Suite for SAP® ArchiveLink, you link your business transactions to business documents across your organization. Instead of searching through file cabinets or computer shares to find information, users access the documents that support their business transactions right from their SAP toolbar. Documents are right at their fingertips – right from their SAP screens – shrinking business cycle times without adding training costs.

Because the OnBase Integration for SAP is deployable from nearly any SAP transaction, organizations connect their documents and data in areas spanning the enterprise, including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, Vendor Contract Management, Facilities Management and more.

Keep SAP and OnBase in sync in real time

And OnBase can be integrated with SAP on the data level, too. When a user updates an entry in SAP, OnBase is automatically updated in the background – and when things change in OnBase, the information is instantly updated in SAP. Spend less time managing data, documents and processes, and let the OnBase Integration for SAP keep everything in sync.

How SAP cuts invoicing processing time at Moen

That’s how it works for Moen. Its AP department successfully uses SAP to improve its accounting data, but it was still manually tracking paper invoices, packing slips and purchase orders. If associates encountered a problem processing an invoice – and that happened more than 350 times each month – they attached an orange form to the documents and sent them via inter-office mail to the person who initiated the purchase. Even if that person responded, it often added weeks to the payment processing and was hard to track and monitor.

Now, images of invoices and supporting documents are scanned and stored in OnBase. AP associates instantly view the documents while still working in SAP. If a problem is encountered, the associate automatically generates an e-mail that is sent to the person responsible. The process is automatically tracked and monitored via a workflow in OnBase.

“We don’t have piles of paper sitting on our desks anymore,” says Wendy Cambarare, AP manager. “We know at any given time what each person has in their queue, what the problems are and what isn’t getting done.” Not to mention, the team saves more than $8,000 per month with the OnBase solution in AP.

Access documents with a mouse-click in SAP

With OnBase, information and documents related to transactions are accessible directly from your ERP system. Email, scanned images, electronic documents, and forms – all the information needed to process transactions is available instantly from your enterprise system. During capture, OnBase automatically pulls in values from operational transaction data to eliminate manual document indexing, shortening business process cycles.

SAP and SAP ArchiveLink are the trademark(s) or registered trademark(s) of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.

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