Intelligent capture is an advanced technology that has caused a fundamental shift in the way businesses operate. Specifically, businesses have changed how they read and process paper and electronic documents, unlocking their value in real time. As intelligent capture has expanded across departments and industries, process managers have started to pay close attention. Additionally, intelligent capture advancement has upended assumptions about traditional business routines and interactions between groups in the organization. It has even changed the permanence of what were once considered fixed process costs.

After years of slow, almost evolutionary change, intelligent data capture burst onto the scene. The value-add of human processing is no longer a fixed and perpetual reality. This is because intelligent capture can eliminate or at least greatly reduce it. As a result, you can reduce cycle time as well as eliminate manual tasks, tedious routines, and human error. You can even maximize human capital.

In addition, decreasing the number of papers floating around can also increase your ability to limit access to sensitive data. Even as your organization grows, a intelligent capture solution will be able to keep up and continue to serve all of your needs. They can apply what they learn along the way to document changes and expand to new areas of your organization as needed. Another perk of intelligent capture solutions is the excellent return of investment (ROI). In fact, ROI of intelligent capture technologies is typically 12-18 months, although some customers can reach this milestone sooner.

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