Moving to the Hyland Cloud: 6 Simple Steps to Migrate Your On-Premises Solution to a Hosted Version

Businesses around the world are facing the reality that “moving to the cloud” is no longer an “if” situation. It’s now a matter of when. But is your organization ready to make the move?

We know that the idea of moving your on-premises OnBase solution to the Hyland Cloud might be intimidating, so we’re here to break the process down so you’re as confident and ready as you can be. After all, the key to making a smooth transition into the cloud world is being prepared.

Fortunately, the overall process of moving to the Hyland Cloud is the same whether your on-premises OnBase solution is highly complex or less so. We’ve mastered the process of making “the big move,” so you can rest assured that together we’ll make sure your transition is headache-free and keeps down time to a minimum.

You should first deliver a copy of your unique solution to Hyland. In this copy, you must include a backup of your database, your disk groups, and any other necessary files for your solution. It is also very important to remember precisely what you shared with Hyland, particularly when it comes to disk groups. You don’t want to confuse the process by sending duplicate data during updates before “go live.” The best way to avoid this is by promoting them all shortly before the database backup. When Hyland receives your data, they will begin to set up its new home in the Hyland Cloud. And you get to sit back and relax.

Check out this resource for more information and advice on reaching this milestone and making the transition smoothly. For your reading ease, it’s broken down into 6 simple steps that will provide you with an excellent overview and a better idea of what the move will look like for your organization.

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