Food And Beverage Document Management Solution

Stability and healthy profits in a tough market? You need working capital and process visibility.

Organizations in the Food and Beverage industry need visibility into many strategic areas, including AP, AR and quality as they balance supply and demand amidst some of the most stringent regulations in the manufacturing industry. The transactional processes that drive those functional areas are engulfed in documents.

Paper and electronic invoices, receipts, bills of lading, purchase orders and packing slips impede process efficiency, despite the automation that enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems provide.

The Challenges

When critical order, administrative and operational data is literally hidden in ad-hoc processes and paperwork, decision-makers don’t have the transparency they need across the enterprise, including clear views into cash flow status. Poor enterprise visibility leads to slow responses, when what is needed is the agility to make the best decisions quickly in a rapidly changing marketplace. Challenges include:

  • Missed discounts and increased penalties that occur in slow approval/payment cycles
  • Uncertain assessments of demand and insufficient working capital resulting from lack of real time reporting, loosely enforced credit policies, non-timely dispute resolution
  • Excessive costs and risk of non-compliance that come along with manual processes, including procedure acknowledgement that is paper-based and staff-managed

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