GRaaS: A Revolutionary Document Retention Solution from Hyland and Iron Mountain®

Organizations across the industries are discovering the real benefits of deploying an enterprise information management platform. Particularly, they’ve learned the value of solutions that can digitize their information as well as automate their processes. From accelerating their processes and providing instant access to their information to saving money and a quick return on investment (ROI) realization, an enterprise information management system is truly the key to successfully transforming your organization digitally.

But as any records management professional could tell you, it’s not that simple. If your organization stores information that may be personal, confidential, and/or subject to regulations, security is an issue. The last thing you want is a critical piece of your data landing in the wrong hands. As a result, developing exhaustive content and information retention strategies is a critical pursuit. As such, organizations must obtain costly, time-consuming legal consultation. Or does it…

Hyland and Iron Mountain realized the financial and time-burden this matter was for companies and wanted to change that. They are revolutionizing this process with Governance Rules as a Service (GRaaS). GRaaS, as a solution utilizing the Iron Mountain Policy Center solution:

  • Applies aggregated, updated retention regulations, and citations to all documents that are relevant in OnBase, Hyland’s own enterprise information platform.
  • Ensures data within documents that you store in OnBase is in full compliance.
  • Provides aggregated information governance policies with simple descriptions
  • Enables OnBase to completely automate the destruction of documents per regulatory guidelines.

Necessary Destruction

A critical question to ask yourself is “Is my organization at risk because it’s keeping too much information?” Information that you destroy is information that can no longer be accessed. This is why incorporating a document retention strategy can reduce your organization’s risk of losing information to the wrong hands.

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