For government agencies managing contract development, review processes and deliverables, there’s a lot at stake. Can you afford to trust slow paper processes while you negotiate terms, track active agreements and ensure compliance for every contact?

In addition to a central, secure location to store contract documents, OnBase Government Contract Management provides tools to manage their creation, review, distribution and renewal. With configurable options, OnBase manages diverse contract types and tasks, integrates with key accounting and ERP solutions and provides reporting dashboards to review and evaluate contracting processes – increasing transparency.

Manage contract lifecycles

With OnBase Contract Management, staff no longer file and retrieve paper documents. Quick access to digital contracts and associated data and documents enables them to easily search for and find the information necessary to keep the contract lifecycle moving.

Workflow tools automate tasks like routing contracts to the right individuals for review and notifying them along the way. Authorized users access contracts for review from desktops, mobile devices and other key applications. Automation helps ensure contract term and review compliance. Tasks like inclusion of common or required contract terms can be automated, as can review
and revision, ensuring that the right review process is followed and the required terms are always included.

Access contracts from one secure location

With OnBase, contracts and the designated processes to create, review and renew each contract type are stored in a single location. Contract authoring is simplified, with a library of contract templates available to ensure consistency. Any electronic notes, tracked conversations and revisions exist in one location – and OnBase makes them accessible directly from staff email inboxes.

Next-level tools and functionality

Paper-based contracts and processes lack transparency into the status of contracts. With a centralized solution, managers see the status of all contracts, including information regarding execution,
spend and upcoming renewals. Calendar and dashboard views give insight into workload, making it easier to balance tasks, avoid bottlenecks and prioritize contract processing and creation. OnBase provides visibility into contract processes with a full audit trail detailing what information was changed, by whom and when.

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