ShareBase, Document Sharing Cloud Application

The Challenge

Naviant’s human resource (HR) department was searching for a way to make improve the efficiency of their onboarding process. The onboarding process for any organization is extensive with the need to communicate a lot of content. For example, this can include benefits, payroll, and other HR documentation. Historically, Naviant was managing this process with paper and physically mailing documentation. Otherwise, Naviant would pay to mail physical copies of all necessary documentation to new hires working remotely.

“We are a paperless company that automates our processes, and it seemed inefficient for us to start our new hires out with paper,” said Tricia Shields, director of human resources.

The Solution

Naviant is not only a reseller of OnBase but has been a long-time user of OnBase’s enterprise information platform. For instance, Naviant’s HR team implemented ShareBase, a cloud-based solution for secure content sharing and collaboration, when Hyland introduced it. Immediately, Naviant’s HR team was able to see the benefits it could bring to their department. From managing new hires to the onboarding process, it simplified everyday tasks.

After rolling out the paperless HR onboarding process, Naviant was looking for a better way to connect with students who had completed OnBase courses at a local college. Fortunately, ShareBase was able to help. For example, it helped Naviant to create a virtual career fair to better connect students with clients in the area.

Many departments within Naviant, including sales, technical support, back office, and marketing, now use ShareBase.

The Difference

To Naviant, the ability to share data securely is priceless. Their ShareBase users, both internal and external, appreciate how easy the software is to use for communication and collaboration.

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