How to Become a Digital Insurer in an Evolving P&C Claims World

Times are ever changing. In today’s digital age, we need to reimagine claims with enhanced capabilities for insurers and their customers alike. Let’s take a look into the key points that you need to know about Property and Casualty (P&C) claims, capabilities, and content services solutions in meeting today’s digital standards.

Core Demands of Today

The demands in the modern claims ecosystem are evolving. Today, they include:

  • the delivery method of functional capabilities
  • the speed at which they must be accomplished
  • the networking efficiency of parties involved

The stakes of being up to date on industry digital standards are high. Insurers who are successful in this pursuit could gain

  • 65% cost reduction
  • 90% reduction in turnaround time on key insurance processes
  • 20% increase in conversion rates.

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