Human Resources Electronic Policies & Procedures Management Solution

Improve policy and procedure management, strengthen compliance

With Naviant’s Policies and Procedures solution, human resources departments efficiently create, distribute and track employee acknowledgement of policies and procedures while reducing associated administrative tasks like filing, copying and mailing documents. Our solution streamlines policy generation and approval, allowing key personnel to efficiently collaborate on, manage and revise important policy documents. Because our solution stores all finalized policies electronically, HR personnel easily distribute them to the right employees for acknowledgement. By automatically tracking employee acknowledgement, our solution increases visibility and enables HR to better prepare for compliance audits.

With all documents in one central location, employees access the most current versions at any given time – keeping them informed with the latest information while supporting company, government and industry guidelines and regulations. And, by deploying the solution in the cloud, organizations reduce IT resources, accelerate implementation timelines, and minimize costs associated with software and installation.

The Payoff

  • Increases HR efficiency by streamlining policy creation, approval and distribution
  • Improves employee access to policy and procedure docuemnts for acknowledgement and review
  • Supports compliance initiatives by automatically tracking employee acknowledgement and identifying delinquencies

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