Commodity Clouds vs. The Hyland Cloud: The Difference

Moving to the cloud is an essential step in the digital transformation of any organization. While the cloud used to be seen as a deluxe option for elite businesses, it’s now viewed as a standard move for all businesses looking to remain competitive in the future. It’s a matter of when not if.

As an essential step, moving to the cloud involves some serious considerations. A particularly important question to ask is which cloud option is best for your organization? You have 2 options to choose between:

  • Select a public, commodity cloud
  • Invest in a private cloud, like the Hyland Cloud

The Hyland Cloud, as a private cloud option, is a mature, proven hosting platform for Hyland’s content services offerings. It is managed privately and was specially designed for information management, making it a secure, trustworthy tool for your organization.

It’s important to understand the differences between a commodity cloud and a Hyland Cloud solution deployment, from disaster recovery to architecture. For one, commodity cloud solutions are flexible and generic enough that they can host any type of IT application. Hyland Cloud, on the other hand, is designed specially and optimized to host Hyland’s content services applications, like OnBase, specifically. Commodity cloud solutions also require you to manage all application installations and upgrades. The Hyland Cloud, in contrast, requires no update management from your end. Hyland manages all updates and refreshes of your test environments, and this includes refreshes with new equipment and servers. Not having to worry about test system maintenance means more time on your hands, which means you can become even more productive.

Check out this resource to get the full scoop on the differences between these two options. It can be a helpful tool in determining what option is best for your organization and its unique needs.

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