Six Digital Transformation Strategies for 2020 and Beyond

Innovating for Agility and Automation in the Digital Economy

What You Will Learn:

  • Key trends that will influence digital transformation strategy and budget planning for the next 3 to 5 years.
  • Factors that forward-thinking organizations embody to enhance the employee and customer experience.
  • Recommendations to consider within your own organization to achieve successful digital transformation.

IDC defines Digital Transformation as the disruptive changes that organizations experience when they deploy new sources of digital innovation and creativity to fundamentally improve the business. IDC believes that over the next 3 to 5 years, digitally progressive organizations will adopt automation technologies and agile content practices to improve the productivity of their knowledge workers and derive new revenue opportunities. In order to assist organizations in prioritizing their digital transformation plans and budgets, IDC offers insight and recommendations on six identified trends that present tremendous opportunities to improve the employee and customer experience in 2020 and long after.

So what should organizations consider related to digital transformation in 2020 and beyond for exceptional customer and employee experiences?

First, power your operations with digitally-enabled information at scale. In 2020 and going forward, organizations will leverage data modality, access, and usage coupled with real-time actionable analytics to drive better products, services, and ultimately, customer experiences. Technology that can help organizations manage large quantities of data and go beyond the static, paper-based content will both help them complete work faster and provide a more complete view of customers.

Capitalizing on data is a great way in and of itself to enhance experiences. Digitally Determined organizations have the strategic, organizational, technology, and financial levers in place today to digitally transform their organization. Digitally Distressed organizations are battling to get digital transformation projects championed and funded. Organizations that are successful in digitally enabling their information have seen that this accomplishment helps to improve the productivity and efficacy of people and business capabilities across their organizations.

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