Enterprises Cultivate Growth Strategy with Dynamic Duo of Content Management and Process Automation

The dynamic duo of content management and process automation is delivering a technology-powered boost to organizations, propelling them on a course to hit key revenue and profitability growth targets while helping customer retention.

This paper presents the results from an exclusive research study between IDG and Hyland research study that canvassed IT and line-of-business (LOB) leaders. It explored how organizations use content management and process automation technologies, often as part of a holistic platform, to drive a comprehensive, technology-enabled growth strategy. This dynamic duo also helps organizations bank the benefits of hard-won customer acquisition efforts by fostering more active customer engagement via personalized content and secure interactions.

The study found that overall, organizations are able to maximize investments in content management platforms and process automation tools to achieve their core business goals and meet growth objectives. 4 out of 5 respondents assessed their overall growth as good to robust over the past 24 months. Additionally, market share (85%), customer retention (85%), and revenue and profitability (84%) remain reliably strong areas for expansion. At the same time, however, challenges remain, especially for processes related to customer acquisition and market expansion.

Technology investment was positively viewed by survey respondents as a lever for growth over the next two years. Enterprise leaders are especially interested in tools that drive revenue and profitability (83%), customer acquisition (79%), and customer retention (76%).

In a similar vein, extended use of content management and process automation technologies can be tapped to maximize productivity of existing resources. This puts cost reduction targets in sight and lays the foundation for a comprehensive growth plan. “It allows us to allocate more resources to other aspects of our growth strategy,” said one survey respondent. Even with only limited process automation capabilities, another respondent achieved lower costs, better productivity, and higher revenue, whereas another said the paired platform was an essential tool for customer retention.

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