Improve Government Workflow with OnBase – Demo

With the challenges of limited staff and budget, government is turning to technology for workflow solutions. They are looking for a solution that can provide affordable, expandable, and sustainable solutions as well as integrate with existing technology investments. A solution like OnBase.

OnBase is an all in one platform with unlimited potential that serves multiple departments.

  • Finance & Administration
  • Justice & Public Safety
  • Health & Human Services
  • Planning & Public Works

OnBase easily captures your content (documents, forms, emails, file share, etc.). Once your content has been captured, OnBase automatically categories the information for you. This document management allows you to access your information at the speed of light.

However, OnBase is more than a document management solution. It’s an enterprise content management solution that helps you expedite your business processes. For example, OnBase will ensures you reach mandated deadlines by automatically routing your documents to the right people resulting in faster approvals.

Explore other ways OnBase can improve government workflow by overcoming paper, speeding up processes, go mobile and become transparent.

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