Insurance Claims Processing Case Study (Travel Guard)

By implementing paperless claims processing, Travel Guard increased productivity in the Claims Department by 100%. The travel insurance provider also uses the system to automate request for purchase orders, to improve disaster recovery and to streamline the customer conversion process.

Travel Guard’s Key Results with Paperless Claims Processing

  • Doubles claims processing productivity
  • Gives managers greater transparency into processes
  • Allows managers to spend more time with people and less time on paper
  • Improves customer service
  • Ensures users adhere to standards and procedures with automatic rules-based processing
  • Supports disaster recovery and business continuity initiatives
  • Improves purchase order approvals
  • Allows for distributed claims processing at locations around the world
  • Spread claims processing to multiple locations during peak times

Managers Spend Less Time on Paper, More Time on People

An OnBase claims process solution provides greater transparency into processes. Managers can review workflow queues and see what is in each processor’s queue. If a claim is not processed within a specific amount of time, the manager is notified, and they can check with the processor to identify what is causing the delay.

“One of our biggest benefits from the automated system is that our claims managers now manage people, not paper. We may have added technology to the claims process, but we actually increased the human touch and can provide better service both to our employees and our customers.” – Tom Nohelty, Vice President of IT, Travel Guard

Document Management and Disaster Recovery Mitigates Risk

OnBase provides managers with at-a-glance reports that ensure processes are working quickly and correctly. Using pre-defined rules and automatic routing, OnBase requires processes to work as designed while audit trails provide evidence that documents and processes consistently follow correct procedures.

Purchase Orders, HR Expansion Further Efficiency

Using an OnBase E-Form, users can submit requests for PO, OnBase sends it to the correct approval process and routes the PO through everyone in the approval chain based on pre-defined processing rules. The form then goes to Purchasing to create the PO in Travel Guard’s GP ERP system, and the item is purchased.

Continued Expansion Increases Solution Value

By implementing the OnBase ECM solution, Travel Guard has successfully improved claims processing, supported disaster recovery/business continuity and will improve information sharing with its UK and Buenos Aires locations. With a solution that provides greater productivity and efficiency in claims and PO requests and that is expanding to include other areas of the travel insurance company, Travel Guard continues to realize returns on its investments in OnBase.


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