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Business applications constitute the heart of an organization’s everyday operations. These systems are the center of many core processes. However, they may only have access to less than half of the data and documents in your organization.

Thousands, if not millions, of paper files and electronic content – emails, faxes, etc. – remain outside those systems. Additionally, many of them are vital to making sure business operates smoothly, so accessibility is important. Unfortunately, they aren’t easy to find most of the time. Organizations may store this content in file cabinets, on network shares, and in other siloed software applications. As a result, this means users have to search multiple places to find information. Unfortunately, even after all of this, they still may never find the document they need! Searching for missing or misplaced information not only consumes precious resources, it compromises decision-making.

Why OnBase?

OnBase by Hyland is one of the easiest and fastest enterprise content management (ECM) systems to integrate with in the market today. To date, OnBase integrates with more than 500 different applications without custom coding.

With its out-of-the-box integration platform, Application Enabler, OnBase integrates with your business applications with just a few mouse clicks. Instead of weeks or months, most customers complete integrations in a matter of hours. And because there is no custom coding required, organizations upgrade OnBase without worrying how it affects other core systems.

Integrating with OnBase gives users a single place to go for all the information they need. Content is a mouse click or keystroke away because OnBase leverages information on the business application to deliver the exact documents that users need, right when they need them. As a result, staff never have to leave their familiar, everyday screens to find content.

Additionally, users no longer need to enter data into multiple systems. Once information is in your core application, users access it through OnBase. Staff no longer need to log out of a system and into another or go to a file room to find a document. Many users often don’t even realize they’re using OnBase – they simply see additional functionality as a new feature in their business software.

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