Hartung Automates Invoice Processing with OnBase (Dynamics GP)

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Outlook automates invoice processing and provides mobile support

For more than 40 years, Hartung Brothers, Inc. has devoted itself to providing superior service as an agribusiness, producing and shipping a wide range of vegetables and seed corn for farmers and processors.

However, as the company grew, so did the amount of paper invoices it had to manage.

“Things didn’t get approved until after payments were made and that’s backward,” said Dan Layton, CFO at Hartung Brothers. “Paper invoices were accumulating on top of desks and once they were filed, if they weren’t in alphabetical order, it was tough finding them. That was our biggest challenge.”

Without OnBase, Hartung Brothers would need to add another full-time employee to its AP department.

“When I index an invoice in OnBase, I actually key all of the information into the Dynamics GP system, double-click and it indexes the invoice for me in OnBase. That way, I’m not keying the information into two different locations.” – Sharon Hollfelder, AP Manager, Hartung Brothers, Inc.

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