Intelligent Capture for Accounts Payable (ICAP) – Solution Spotlight Webinar

Every organization has bills to pay. While many Naviant customers realize cost savings and efficiency gains by using OnBase Workflow to help manage the process of Accounts Payable, the next level of automation is to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR solutions turn all the text within a document into searchable smart data. OnBase Intelligent Capture for Accounts Payable (ICAP) is an OCR solution that reads not only invoices, but other AP-related documents such as Purchase Orders and receiving documents.

Clients are using intelligent capture for AP to capture the data off the documents upfront, before OnBase Workflow processes are enabled. By using ICAP first, the software solution helps remove the manual task of entering invoice data into your ERP solution, while leveraging the extracted data from the documents to help make your Workflow work smarter and more advanced. This allows for three-way matching of the invoice data against the purchase order and receiving data, which produces a nice ROI.

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