OnBase has served your organization well in managing content and processes internal to the organization. But when you needed to share that content with others outside of your organization, you were on your own. Precisely, you were responsible for figuring out the best method to share content. You may have used solutions such as sending E-mail to outside parties, implementing customer portals and exposing OnBase-stored content, and utilizing third party products such as Dropbox and Box. However, each came with a different set of limitations. Not to mention, each different solution has a cost associated with it with the additional drawback that your organization may now be supporting a handful of other solutions, all adding to the cost of ownership.

Enter ShareBase, an Enterprise Cloud-Based File Share. Integrated with your existing OnBase solution, ShareBase allows you to share and manage content securely from both your OnBase system and files from any other source. With the added benefit that it is fully under your corporate control, you now have an option to manage all of your corporate assets that you need to share with others as well as make available to your users, regardless of where they are in the world.

Introduction to ShareBase

Gain a better understanding of how your organization can leverage ShareBase. With Sharebase, you’ll be able to make it easy to share content simple, secure, and integrated with your OnBase solution. During this solution spotlight, you will:

  • Learn the benefits of using ShareBase to improve methods of sharing content with outside users.
  • Have the opportunity to see ShareBase in action. This includes viewing the user interface and how your external users and customers will interact with the system.
  • Gain an understanding of how OnBase Workflow and ShareBase work together. Learn about automating the creation of ShareBase folders. and sharing files from OnBase. You’ll even learn about notifying the proposed recipients of the newly exposed content.
  • See how security is enabled within ShareBase, ensuring that your corporate content assets remain within your control, even when employees leave the organization.

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