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American International Group, Inc., also known as AIG, is an American multinational finance and insurance corporation with operations in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions. As of January 1, 2019, AIG companies employed 49,600 people.
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Kryon Empowers AIG to Raise the Bar for Customer Service

AIG is a leading international insurance company, offering a broad variety of insurance policies, retirement plans, and other financial services to help its clients protect both their property and their future. It has a robust presence spanning over 80 countries and jurisdictions, including a subsidiary that is one of Israel’s most prominent insurance providers.

To empower its customer service representatives (CSRs) to boost their productivity while keeping costs down, AIG Israel turned to Kryon RPA. With Kryon, management has been able to eliminate common errors and lighten CSRs’ workloads – allowing them to offer their customers greater personal attention and dramatically improve customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

As AIG Israel has expanded in recent years, its customer service team has needed to keep up with a growing workload while offering customers quick, efficient, and attentive service.

To help its CSRs meet these increasing demands, the company considered implementing RPA. But before choosing an automation solution, management wanted to make sure it would be agile, efficient, and reliable – and that it could be set up quickly, without disrupting their business operations.

We’re in a demanding business for IT services, and the traditional development
lifecycle requires a lot of human resources,” 
explains Israel’s Chief Information Officer, Gil Tamir. 
“So we needed an efficient way to automate work processes.

The Solution

To help its customer service team operate more quickly and attentively without incurring the cost of bringing on additional full-time workers, AIG decided to implement Kryon Unattended Automation.

Key factors in this decision included the speed and agility with which Kryon would enable them to deploy their RPA solution, Kryon’s ability to work seamlessly with websites (even in the absence of APIs), and the small number of AIG employees who would need to invest time in making it successful.

In addition, the company liked that Kryon’s tools – unlike many other RPA products – were so intuitive that they could be set up in-house, without requiring a third-party systems integrator.

To date, AIG has automated 12 processes with Kryon – increasing reliability and efficiency while freeing CSRs from burdensome, repetitive, and rule-based tasks.

One of these processes involves following up with new car insurance customers to get documentation of their history of safe driving.

Since drivers with a record of safe driving are entitled to insurance discounts, the company sends emails and text messages to new customers, encouraging them to submit documentation from their previous insurer stating that they have not had a car accident in the past three years.

Working with Microsoft Word, the Wings document and task management system, and a policy management program created in-house by AIG, Kryon robots perform the following steps:

  • Run a query –  Get a list of customers who haven’t sent AIG the required documentation.
  • Calculate the potential price increase –  Create a temporary addition to a customer’s policy to calculate what its premium will be if the customer fails to send the documentation.
  • Send a text message –  Text the customer, reminding them to send AIG the required documentation and stating by how much their premium will rise if they don’t send it.
  • Send an email –  Email the customer, telling them their deadline for sending AIG the information to avoid an increase in their premium.
  • Update policy management system –  Add an event to AIG’s system, showing that the previous steps have been completed.

Now that AIG’s RPA solution has been set up, it typically takes its team just two to three weeks to automate an additional task. That time frame includes the time needed to record the process, fine-tune its automation workflow, implement it, and test it.

The Results

67-83 monthly work hours saved by automating a single process
Before AIG Israel started using Kryon, its CSRs would spend approximately 67 to 83 hours per month on their requests for documentation of safe driving from new customers. Today, the company’s software robots perform these follow-ups roughly three time faster, while full-time employees are entirely relieved of this responsibility.

Human errors eliminated
Whereas human errors used to inhibit the effectiveness of AIG’s customer service team in Israel (resulting in lost revenue), they have enjoyed a marked increase in reliability as robots have begun performing these tasks instead of full-time employees.

Dramatically increased customer satisfaction
AIG has seen a notable improvement in the satisfaction of both employees and customers. While customers enjoy faster and more reliable service, employees have been happy to be free of the burden of rule-based and uninspiring tasks. As a result, those employees have been able to focus more on creative, strategic, and interesting processes – tasks that also offer greater benefit to AIG.

What’s next for AIG’s use of Kryon RPA? Its team in Israel plans to automate 15 more processes in the coming months. Given the results they have seen so far, they expect to continue expanding their use of automation in the future.

“Kryon gives us the ability to grow our
productivity and sales with the same number of CSRs.
 And just as importantly, it enables us
to give our customers better service, because
it works so quickly and without errors.” – Gil Tamir, CIO, AIG Israel

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