The word OnBase is a combination of “one” and “database.” By using OnBase as part of your overall IT strategy, you drastically reduce the number of information silos and disparate applications you support – whether you deploy it on-premises or in the cloud.

OnBase is a single platform that combines a wide range of technologies:

Enterprise content management (ECM)

Recognized as a market leader in ECM*, OnBase manages key documents and information from the point of inception, all the way through the information lifecycle to final archival/destruction, improving visibility and offering a central repository for enterprise-wide access.

“We had an enterprise vision from the beginning. We knew we wanted to roll the solution out to every department. We needed the same method of retrieval for everybody so we could train everyone once and only have to support a single system.” -Tamera Koegler-Vaughan, process manager, Information Systems, Gallatin Steel Company

Case management and business process management (BPM)

An award-winning case management platform** supports dynamic (and often unpredictable), people-driven work with solutions in areas like service requests, incident management and investigations. OnBase serves as an application development platform that equips you to rapidly configure both process-centric and case-centric applications.

A highly configurable workflow engine automates and optimizes repeatable business processes. Route documents, automate tasks and rules-based decisions, perform load balancing, send notifications and manage complex approval processes.

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