Keep your operations flowing and make your organization disaster-proof with cloud-based business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Disaster comes at a high cost, so it’s critical to be prepared. Let’s explore how business continuity and disaster recovery plans work together.

Before we cover how exactly cloud services can transform organizations’ business continuity and disaster recovery plans, it’s important to explain the concept behind what each entails, and how they work together.

What is a Business Continuity Plan?

Think of your business continuity plan as the umbrella that both shields your organization from potential threats, both external and internal, and shines a light on recovery in the event of one of those threats being successful. The plan can protect both personnel and assets and provides guidance on how to rapidly recover and continue serving customers if disaster strikes. Such disaster can range from flood and fire to software corruption and cybercrime.

Organizations create business continuity plans before disaster strikes, based upon extensive consideration and analysis of business systems. They are also based upon critical input from key stakeholders across the organization. In the process, critical processes are identified, resources critical to essential services are flagged, and decisions are made in regards to how the organization can provide continued service to prospects and customers as if nothing is wrong.

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Disaster recovery plans focus on restoring critical business systems identified in the business continuity plan. How quickly must your organization restore certain business processes and provide access to critical data necessary to serve customers and limit any economic damage to the organization? As a result, true business continuity is dependent on the proper execution of a well-designed and fully thought out disaster recovery plan.

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